Environment and Sustainability

We supply a diverse range of products across the UK and internationally. By working with our suppliers we aim to understand, manage and reduce the impact that our products have on the environment; from their creation, right to the end of their life.

We understand that the manufacture, transportation and lifetime of each produc can have an impact on the environment and the wider sustainability of our planet. That’s why we take as many steps as possible to minimise these impacts, be it optimising delivery routes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or aiming to source products which are made from sustainable materials.

All of our furniture is handmade in England using locally sourced and sustainable materials whenever possible.

As part of their induction, all office based staff must complete an IEMA approved qualification in Environmental Awareness.

Our web server (this website) is powered by electricity generated from 100% renewable sources. Not a single amp of power comes from burning any kind of fossil fuel whatsoever!