Bespoke Furniture Guide

We know that buying furniture is not something to be done on a whim. So to help you along we have developed a guide to buying bespoke furniture with us.

Step 1 – Measure your space

We love creating magnificent furniture for all spaces and settings – but you must make sure that it can fit your room. Follow these simple tips to make sure your new furniture will fit in its new home:

Measuring the space

Make a note of the largest dimensions for each piece of furniture and check that this will fit comfortably through any passageways, doors and stairs.

Replacing an old sofa? A quick way to check if your new furniture will fit is to measure your existing piece and check the differences in size.
A great way to visualise whether your new piece will fit is to mark out the area with newspaper or tape (Do be careful not to use anything that may leave a permanent mark on your floor!).

Points to consider

Our delivery staff cannot remove any windows or doors to enable delivery (Even if you try bribing them with tea/coffee/cakes).
If you have any questions or comments about delivery then please give us a call.  We have dealt with nearly every type of building and will probably have a solution!

Step 2 – Choose a piece of furniture

We have furniture designs for almost any interior you can think of; vintage, modern, cosy, grand. Have a browse of our pieces and see what fits your style. If you need any tips please give us a call, or why not email us a photo of your room?


Have a think about how you would like your new piece to fit within its surroundings. If you are a traditional/vintage connoisseur then you will most likely want to stick with classic shapes and curves. For a more contemporary setting, go for sleek and strongly defined lines of symmetry.

Are you purchasing a single piece or a suite? You might like to consider whether you would like matching pieces in a suite or maybe you would prefer to mix things up with differing upholstered styles for a more relaxed feel. Another option is to have matching pieces upholstered in different fabrics; this can be a very bold statement in larger, showpiece rooms.


Your new furniture doesn’t just need to look good, it has to be comfortable too. If you need extra support for your back, you may want to consider some scatter cushions for extra support. If you like to intend to lounge on your chaise, make sure you pick the right size to fully support your legs or add a foot stool as an optional extension.

Size and Form

It is important to think about how the chaise will be used and make sure that it is large enough.

Having guests? There is nothing worse than squeezing around furniture, so consider the layout of your pieces in the room. Will two small chaise longues work better than a single larger piece, for example?

As mentioned earlier, one way of checking how your new furniture will fit is to mark out the area with newspaper or tape (again, be careful not to use anything that may leave a permanent mark on your floor!).

It is not always the case that a small room requires small furniture: sometimes a single larger piece can make a room appear larger and less cluttered than several small pieces.

Step 3 – Pick your fabric

From timeless velvet fabrics to smooth leathers, our upholstery options have been developed to enhance any room. This is arguably the most important step in creating your perfect piece, so take your time, enjoy yourself, and if you need to bounce any ideas around then feel free to give us a call.

Practical points

All of our fabrics and leathers are sourced from leading suppliers such as Mulberry Home, JP & G Barker and Casamance.
When buying bespoke furniture, fabric quality is of the utmost importance. This can be determined by the amount of rubs it can withstand. Fabrics that withstand 15,000 rubs are best suited for light domestic use; around 20,000 rubs will be suitable for everyday living such as in your living room. If you are looking for a fabric that will withstand heavy use or will sit in a public area then it is best to go with around 25,000 rubs or more.

It is recommended that you order some free fabric samples in order to help visualise the colour and style within your room.

You are welcome to supply your own fabric or leather. Please get in touch if you would like to do this.

Colour & pattern

Fabric styles and colours are very much a matter of personal preference. A pattern, particularly of larger design, will make a strong statement so be weary that this may dominate other pieces in the room. If you are nervous about using a patterned fabric, consider a plain colour for the piece itself and team it up with patterned cushions. The great thing about cushions is that they can be changed and updated over time, creating an adaptable piece which can keep up with trends.

Remember that pieces such as sofas and chaise longues can be large items of furniture. If you want the piece to blend into its surroundings, consider a neutral, plain fabric. However, if you want it to be the ‘star of the show’, go to town with an eye-catching fabric which is sure to impress.

Make sure to check that any fabrics will work with other items in the room such as curtains, carpets and so on. Also make sure you look at the fabric both in natural daylight and electric light since this can alter the eye’s perception of colour. You can order up any free fabric samples by contacting us.


How a fabric feels is just as important as how it looks. Velvets are very tactile and are great at introducing texture to a room; but if you prefer something smoother, consider a plain cotton or leather.

If you have the time, it is a good idea to give your piece a gentle vacuum once a week. This is particularly good for lifting velvet textures, which can have a tendency to flatten over time.


Leather gives a clean, contemporary feel to most furniture pieces and is ideal for creating a sturdy and dependable sofa.

To keep leather at its best, try to give it a weekly dust off with a clean cloth. In the event of any accidental spillages, use a clean, damp cloth to mop up any excess liquids. Try not to rub the leather and don’t use too much water as this can stain the piece. For everyday grime and dirt use a damp cloth with a very mild soap. Avoid household cleaning products as these can react with the finish and cause surface cracking.

Please note that you will need to position any leather furniture at least 30 cm away from any radiators or heaters to prevent the leather from cracking.

Step 4 – Add any finishing touches

Right then! Now that the really tough decisions are over, you can enjoy enhancing your piece with the extras.

Legs and Feet

We offer a wide range of either wooden or metal legs for each piece. Of course, certain styles go better with certain pieces, and we are more than happy to advise. For example, a classic chaise longue goes very well with a turned leg, but a modern chaise sits well on splayed legs.


We can make a variety of bespoke cushions, either in matching fabric or a contrasting design.

Foot Stools

Adding a foot stool forms a stylish yet comfortable place to put your feet up and enjoy a good book.

Step 5 – Placing your Order

You can order securely online using this website or by phone.

We aim to deliver within 4 weeks, but can often deliver quicker than this depending on location.

We will deliver your piece by hand to your room of choice within reasonable conditions.

That’s it! Sit back, relax and enjoy your new furniture. We love to hear any feedback you might have, so do get in touch with any comments you may have.