5 Tips to Stop Cats Scratching Furniture

Stop a cat from scratching

I love cats …what’s not to love? They play, they cuddle, they’re cute, and when you’re with them they purr for no reason other than being near you. (I may sound a bit cat-obsessed here, but rest assured there are crazier people out there).

But what do cats also love to do? Scratch! …and unfortunately the primary target of your feline friend will often be the legs of your favourite antique table, a lovely handmade chaise longue, or that beautiful rug you bought on your summer holidays. Well, fear not! We have put together the top 5 ways to avoid an interiors catastrophe (sorry):

1. The Art of Distraction – Make sure there are ample scratching opportunities for your cat to go wild on. Cats usually love to scratch after they eat or sleep, so make sure there is a scratching pole nearby to lure them in. A scratching pole is also a great opportunity for your cat to get some exercise.

2. The Booby Trap – Cats don’t like certain noises. To protect things like curtains, try rigging a door bell to sound when they are tugged.

3. The Suit of Armor – During the early days of training your cat, a great way to protect legs of furniture is to cover them with tin foil. Cats tend to dislike tinfoil due to its toughness and shine. Please do be careful that the cat cannot hurt itself though!

4. The View – Place a cushion or perch by your window. This will give your cat hours of quality entertainment watching the postman, that tasty looking sparrow, and on really good days he might catch a glimpse of you slipping over in the snow.

5. The Water Cannon – One way to train your cat to stay away from certain things is to give them a little squirt/spray with a water pistol. Make sure to say a firm “No” whilst spraying in order to tell the cat they are doing a bad thing.

Remember though, It doesn’t matter how hard you try to protect your prized possessions, it’s actually rather unfair to expect cats to stop scratching entirely.