Accessorise your living room

living-roomMost of us Brits spend hours on our sofa a week. Not only do we want to be kept comfy but we also want it to look fabulous. There is nothing better when your friends come around and compliment your own interior design.

The sofa tends to be the center price of a living room – the focal point. The wrong accessories or colours can offset the balance in the room and damage the look you are trying to create. We have put together some handy tips to help you love your living room even more.

Create a theme

The patterns, colours and in some circumstances texture of different colours in a room should be treat with caution. If you have a feature wall, try not to detract from it by keeping the rest of the furniture in line with plain and simple colours. Likewise if you have an elaborately styled chaise longue to use as a feature piece then keep the colours of your walls simple.

Cushions, throws and accessories

The primary use of throws and cushions is for extra comfort, but please do not forget the importance of the design portfolio they fit within. Use them to compliment the design of the furniture, walls and curtains you have in the room. To give an example, our most popular fabric is our Clarke & Clarke floral on the petite chaise lyonnaise, this is complimented beautifully with a plain colour to match either the pink or blue rose.

Additional furniture

Complimenting a sofa or chaise longue with a footstool or ottoman is a great way to add a little more comfort to your evening in front of the soaps. Once again you need to follow the simple rule of complimenting designs in the room. The colour and style of your footstool should fit within a palette of two or three colours that the room design should fit.