Choosing a Chaise Longue

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I spend a lot of time speaking with prospective clients trying to get a feel of what they like and don’t, as well as opinions and thoughts they have about styles of furniture.

Feedback I often hear is the opinion that a chaise longue is a classically upholstered piece of furniture with an exposed wood frame. This is not actually the case anymore. The chaise longue has evolved since it’s birth in Ancient Egypt and now boasts an array of style and design changes creating a wide range of modern furniture styles as well as the stereotypical classic.

At Chaise Longue Boutique we are true furniture lovers, we spend a lot of time looking at new designs, styles and future trends and this gives us inspiration when designing new products. We understand that our tastes are sometimes not quite in line with yours, so we offer a fully bespoke service to give you that extra freedom to make a piece truly yours.

To help you find a chaise longue that suites your lifestyle and design tastes, I have put together some style points to ponder over …enjoy!

The Windsor Chaise Longue [ View ]

The Windsor chaise longue is quite simply my favourite. I just love how it is classically designed but upholstering it in a modern fabric transforms this piece. I have one in my study in a Mulberry velvet fabric and there is only one word to describe it …sublime.

The Monroe Chaise Longue [ View ]

There is no question that this modern chaise longue is striking and would look fitting in a trendy urban pad. This piece certainly moves away from that stereotypical picture of a classic piece of furniture. What really stands out as a design feature is the rising armrest, typically a chaise longue arm rest descends from the backrest.

Marylin Chaise Longue [ View ]

For me, this modern piece makes a grand statement with its tilted arms and swooping back. This piece will sit perfectly into any room and certainly create that WOW factor you so want to create.

The Oxford Chaise Longue [ View ]

The Oxford chase longue adds sophistication and a traditional feel to any room. You really can envisage this piece being sat in a room next to an open log fire with a sheepskin rug. It really is a great example of fine British furniture.

There is quite a lot to take on board, but please take your time when choosing a piece of furniture. If you have any questions or thoughts please do get in touch as we would love to talk to you.