Different Strokes


The colours that surround you on a daily basis can most certainly affect your mood. So it’s no surprise that our first suggestion is that in order to feel cheerful, you should consider filling the room with lighter colours. Make sure to avoid going overboard with bright colours, which can overwhelm a room, especially if they are on the smaller side.

If you want to take a more specific route, you can assign different colours to how you expect to feel in each room. For example, choose a darker, smoother shade for the bedroom, perhaps deep red or toffee browns if you are aiming for a more romantic ambiance. Perhaps in the bathroom you might want a more relaxing shade like lighter pure shades of cream or blue, or maybe just your favourite colour so you’re surrounded by something soothing while you relax in the tub.

There are of course other factors that play a part in how your home might feel; do not underestimate the role that natural light plays in a room. The presence of natural light changes how our eyes receive the colours (“here comes the science part”: After all, colours are just the way your eyes interpret a spectrum of light). If there are lots of windows, glass doors, etc. in the room, then we think it is best to opt for pastels or light colours in general, as opposed to washing out darker shades. At the other end of the spectrum, let a dark room be what it is.

Another factor you must consider when choosing a colour scheme is the size of the room. The ‘petit’ room can be very loud when packed with bold colours. Try a small chaise longue in soft colours or an arm chair in a quality leather. If you’re going for something more subtle, be careful when choosing the level of brightness because radiance in close quarters can be overwhelming. Conversely, the more generous room can benefit from bold pieces of furniture with striking colours, helping to promote sectioning within the space.

The most important thing about choosing a colour scheme for your home is that you ultimately enjoy the space you live in. Be sure to take your time and consider the characteristics of the room and location. Whether or not you take the suggestions above, just remember: a colour scheme can potentially make or break your home decor. So choose carefully, and have fun!

If you’d like to discuss any ideas you might have, or want to chat over some inspiration, feel free to contact us.