Choosing the Right Piece of Furniture

Arm Chair

Imagine yourself in that specific place in your home where you are most comfortable, or perhaps just envision what you tend to do most often at home. Are you sitting, lounging, reading? Once you capture this picture, you can start to deduce the style of furniture that is going to fit your ideal. In order to help the thought process along, here are a few suggestions to get the juices flowing.

If your happy place is relaxing in the reading room, study, office, etc. with your favourite novel, you might want to consider upgrading your current seat to a club chair, and maybe a matching ottoman if the book you’re reading is particularly good. This type of chair would also be fitting if you’re keen on sitting by the fire with, oh, say, a cigar and a snifter of brandy. Gentlemen, you might prefer the chair upholstered in brown leather (particularly if you fancy the latter, cliché scenario). Ladies, have a little more fun with it and go for one of our more outlandish animal prints to tickle your fashion fancy.

If your ideal moment is cuddling up with your other half, you may wish to consider something along the lines of a double ended chaise longue You’ll want to peruse our wide variety of cushions to make it even cosier (especially if you and your special someone will be there a while). As for the sofa itself, go for a striking polka dot fabric to give your room a little flare. For those of you with a taste for ‘chic’, you might prefer a modern chaise longue as opposed to the classic style. This piece offers more of a contemporary edge to your décor.

For those of you who are like me, truly happiest simply lounging in my living room, then you’ll probably be most content draped over a classic chaise longue. The comfort level of this chaise leaves no question as to why they have been so popular for hundreds of years. Another great thing about this piece is that it looks fantastic in any fabric or print, so you can make it truly your own. The only problem is you may never want to get up!

So whether it’s an arm chair with a vintage feel or a chesterfield sofa with pastel stripes, you should choose a piece that holds the shape and colours that cater to your wants and needs. Once you’ve chosen your perfect piece, repeat this from room to room and pretty soon your home will be truly unique.