Concrete Furniture

After my post about a concrete chesterfield sofa, I thought I would delve deeper into the world of concrete furniture.  Here is what I found:

Concrete FurnitureThe versatility of concrete has meant that it is evolving into something new and exciting.  After all, concrete is the most widely used of all manmade materials in the world. It is natural to see it make an appearance in modern furniture, sculpture and art. Everywhere we look there are examples of cast concrete, whether it is in buildings or your trusty old chesterfield sofa.

Concrete was once limited to outdoor garden sculptures and artworks. This is no longer the case, and concrete furniture design is quickly developing into installations inside the contemporary home (modern chaise longue, anyone?). Today’s interior/furniture designers are opening the door to the bold look of cast concrete and adding flare to how we see indoor areas.

This is due to the nature of how concrete works. The concrete flows smoothly before solidifying into its set shape. The skilled craftsmen who have pioneered this new technique are able to meld these concrete properties into dynamic shapes which transform the way a room feels. Cast concrete pieces help liberate other materials such as wood, glass and metal. Such materials can now adopt a new role in the structure.