Fashion Furniture


When aiming to make a good first impression, you want to make sure you look the part. You pick out a nice outfit, you do your hair, paint your nails (probably just the ladies on that one), and pick out the right shoes. Fashion plays such an important role in your life that you rely on it to represent who you are to the world. The same can be said about furniture.

The appearance of a home comes from a collection of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures of the pieces inside, just as your personal appearance comes from the combination of wearing clothing and accessories. That is why you should take as much care in decorating your home as you would when you get dressed for that special occasion.

There are several style options to consider when planning the ensemble of a room. You could follow modern fashion trends and model your spaces the way you see them from areas of inspiration, or you could follow a more creative path. Try matching the theme of your decor to the style of clothes that you wear. If you like animal prints and leather boots, then perhaps you would enjoy a leopard print chair with a black leather ottoman, for example. For the gentlemen, you may prefer to put on a dark, finely pressed suit with a bright striped tie for a sharp, chic look. This bedroom might call for a dark, modern chaise longue and some brightly coloured accent cushions.

Another creative way to go is to give each room its own mood or characteristic. For instance, when you’re feeling like lounging, you want to wear comfy clothes. So for your living room you may want to choose a big, cosy sofa made with softer fabrics that you will feel comfortable lying on for hours at a time. The centre piece of your hall or reception area may be better suited to more striking, adventurous fabrics.

One effect that’s always fun to use is finding your signature and featuring it all around your house. Just pick something that you love and want to see it in day to day life. Maybe you like to wear polka dots or maybe green is your favourite colour, etc. Whatever your signature is, try to feature it in your furniture fabrics in each room, even if it’s as simple as a curtain or a pillowcase. This is imperative to adding personality to your ensemble. …Don’t go too overboard though, remember; less is more.

Of course these are merely suggestions; any way you decide to style your home will make your daily routine a little more fun. Once it’s complete and you’ve put some of your own flare in your house, it’ll be ready to make a great first impression.