Your favourite way to enjoy a chaise longue!

Petite Chaise Lyonnaise

We recently undertook a little study to find out how our customers like to spend time on their chaise longue. The results are…well…interesting! Since the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs relaxing on a chaise longue our lifestyles have changed, do we still like to relax like them?

  1. Forty winks, catnaps or a siesta – whatever you like to call it, we all seem to like an afternoon nap on our chaise longues. I personally do, there is nothing better than a quick 15 minutes help you feel revitalized.
  2. Glass of wine or a mug of coffee – time to unwind and get away from it all. Did you know us Brits have the longest working week in Europe so it is hardly surprising that this is much needed time.
  3. Sunday newspaper – who doesn’t enjoy relaxing on a Sunday morning with a newspaper, croissant and a coffee. The main battle here is keeping the kids out of the room.
  4. Reading a good book – a mid week unwind with a book is an excellent way to enjoy your chaise longue. I’ve just started reading a good book called “Counting Sheep”, every spare few moments I have a try to sneak off and read a few pages.
  5. Other – well you can let your imagination role here. “Other”…we are not too sure what this means. Do you like to jump on your chaise? Is this code for “intimate” time with your other half, or a game of scrabble.