Feature: Hyphen Interiors


This month we caught up with Kirsty from Hyphen Interiors for our designer of the month feature…

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere, sometimes in expected places like magazines, show rooms, model homes, blogs or stores. Other times inspiration comes in more unexpected places or forms like flea markets, architecture, television show sets, parks, fashion, and really almost anywhere in anything.

What are you favourite design trends for summer 14?

I don’t see one certain trend for just that segment of the year, but in general, I think we will see people leaning towards unique pieces even more. We are so overexposed to design with Pinterest and blogs that I think people will want to make their spaces a little different and therefore will lean towards estate sales, flea markets and custom work to find unique pieces for their home.

I also think we will continue to trend towards lighter walls and rooms with pops of saturated color this year. For example, navy blue. Dark and drab walls and furniture are out. The only time a dark color that will be acceptable is if it creates a statement, drama and contrast while there is still lots of light in the space.

What has been your favourite interior project to date?

Oh goodness, I enjoy each one in different ways. I think the most satisfying projects are those where I feel like I’ve really taught the client. I like to walk away feeling like they learned about design and understand why we did what we did. I want clients to feel empowered and equipped in the end, eventually doing a lot on their own.

What is your best piece of design advice?

Where do I start? Here are a few…

  • Choose only pieces that you LOVE for your home. Don’t settle.
  • Be willing to pay a little more for pieces that you will have around for a while or that will make a big statement.
  • Consider buying second hand so that you don’t feel guilty if you want to sell it, break almost even, and get something else in a year.
  • Don’t over decorate with every trend you see. Pick one or two that you love. And, give yourself freedom to leave some empty walls or spaces, as long as there is a focal point in the room.

Where can people find out more?