Finding that special piece of furniture

We love finding and buying new pieces of furniture, as I’m sure you do. It’s so exciting trying to find that perfect piece of furniture to fit in your home. What I love is creating a piece of furniture to make a statement, to create a WOW factor and I suppose this somewhat reflects my own personality. But we do need to bear in mind the everyday use of this piece of furniture. What do we want from the piece? Who will use it? And how will we use it?

So how do we choose that right piece of furniture?

If you are someone who is looking for a piece of furniture to enjoy a good book (or should I say Kindle now?) and sit next to a log fire then look for something that is single-seated, such as a wing chair, tuck yourself away in the corner away from the children and have a moment’s peace to yourself.

But what if you are looking for a piece of furniture with which you can cuddle up to your other half and enjoy a good glass of wine? I personally love a good old classic Chesterfield sofa. They just ooze relaxation and there is nothing more that I enjoy than having my feet up listening to some soul music. A good Chesterfield sofa is like a good wine, they get better and better as time goes on – just love it!

We get phone calls everyday from clients wanting to create that statement piece, something striking, with the ‘wow’ factor – we love helping people to do this. It’s more about creating a piece of furniture that is a work of art rather than something to use daily. It brings and adds that WOW factor to the room! I’m going to be a bit unspecific here and say you can do this to any piece of furniture, whether it is a chaise longue, chesterfield sofa or a wing chair (Patchwork anyone?), so long as you find the right fabric to contrast with the environment around it.

There are so many different ideas and thoughts of what to do, you can create anything you want to fit to the piece’s use. But please remember help is always at hand and if you want to discuss any ideas you have then please get in touch – we love to talk about furniture.