Generations of Home Fashion

Here in the 21st century it seems that home fashion has matured so much that we have begun to retrace our steps and reinvent old ideas.  If you’re so inclined, you can commit to one retro style and dedicate your entire house to it.  When done with confidence and savvy, this move can be the grand second-coming of any vintage style.

The Classics

When most of us hear “the classics” we think back to black and white film: flapper girls with feathers in their hair, swing music and other cliché images. If you want to make your living room reflect this magnificent era, then there are a few must-haves in the furnishing department. First of all, you’ll want to consider an older style of furniture, i.e. a club chair for the gentleman smoking a pipe by the fire, or a classic chaise longue for the self discerning lady to drape herself across while sipping a martini.

Let’s not forget the timeless Chesterfield sofa, in classic leather or even upholstered in velvet fabric to really bring it home. If choosing furniture like this, it might be wise to supply the rest of the room with calm, dignified colours such as deep red, forest green, or perhaps even a chic floral print.

The ’50s

Later in the timeline is a common favourite: the 1950s. Post-war boom brought massive changes in the home; it was out with the old and in with the new. From this generation we get the stereotypical and marvellous patterns such as polka dot, pastels, frills etc. What most people remember from this era is very clean, tidy atmospheres, so if you’re aiming to decorate according to the ’50s style, you’ll want to think modest yet bright. Perhaps a young couple settle on a double ended chaise longue in the living room surrounded by lightly coloured walls and lace curtains (you might want to save the pinks and polka dots for the kitchen, ladies). The double ended chaise isn’t too large so as to clutter the room, and yet large enough to be comfortable for two. For more seating in the room, a nice Kent chair is perfect for a lonely corner in need of a small, inviting seat.

The Swinging 60s …and 70s

For those of you with a bit more of a “flare” for decorating, the patters from the ’60s and ’70s are always a fun way to go. Get back to your groovy roots with bright colours, stripes, waves, spirals – basically anything that embodies sound as this era was all about the music. As for furniture, try a modern chaise longue; it carries the body of the classic chaise sofa but with trendier features that would fit better in a space as loud as this. Try also adding a brightly coloured and patterned ottoman, as this would add a surprising accent to the room.