History of the Chaise Longue

Chaise LongueMost of our great customers at Chaise Longue Boutique can spot an excellent piece a mile off, but not all of us know the history behind some of the furniture we offer. We have put together a little history lesson for all you Chaise Longue lovers.

As most of you already know the term Chaise Longue is French and translates directly as the ‘long chair’. However, the birth of the Chaise Longue starts a good distance away from our French friends and actually begins in Egypt.

The great Pharaohs of Egypt were thought to have lounged on these pieces during the heat of the day; this scenario is mirrored in Ancient Greece where art depicts Gods pictured draped over their beloved chaise.

It is believed the Chaise Longue did not make its way into France until the 16th Century and by this time the piece had evolved a backrest for reclining rather than just on one side.

The Chaise Longue made its way over the channel into the homes of wealthy British families in the 18th Century. The popularity of this piece has continued to grow and we have seen the evolution of the Chaise with the modern chaise longue now on offer.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our little history lesson. Time to sit back and recline!