Style your home this summer

Summer Home


This time of year coastal trends always come back. This season there is a focus on seascapes. This seasons colour palette is of pastels including white, pink, green and pale blues.

Texture plays a key part. Currently trending is for pastel colours on crushed linens with a very retro washed-out shade. On curtains, cushions and throws we’re seeing a dip-dye effect.


Old factory and those that look like from train stations are huge. I have seen a lot of the domed pendant shades with a beaten metal in silver or my personal favourite brass.

Have a look around antique auctions or even ebay to see if you can find your own vintage, or buy one of the many reproduced pieces.


The vintage furniture look has been around a while and gets stronger every season. Distressed wood finishes with pale fabrics like duck egg create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

Distressed textured wallpapers with chalk effects have become really popular. It gives the look of washed wood planks, stone or peeling plaster.


If you are selling a home neutral colours work well. I think most of us can be a bit more adventurous and add a bit more drama to the home. Create feature walls on prominent walls in the room and contrast with a neutral colour.

If you are working with a small room try an avoid creating a feature wall as it may be over powering. Use outlandish lighting, photos and accent furniture and contrast with neutral walls to add design.