The Ubiquitous Chaise Longue

Lucille Ball on a Chaise LongueFor centuries there has been an unsung hero of art; a fixture featured in paintings, portraits, photographs, etc. that plays a supporting role in some of the world’s classics. The chaise longue is an elegant piece of furniture that has been the staple of several images that we’ve come to know and love.

The piece to the right is a simple depiction of a classic actress in her dressing room. Lucille Ball is one of America’s “Sweethearts”, and is a timeless icon of classic American television. This image of her perched on her chaise highlights the elegance and style of her generation.


The Nightmare by Henry FuseliThe painting to the left is the ever famous The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli, which depicts a sleeping woman draped on her chaise longue while she dreams. The chaise in this piece is a lovely contrast of feminine beauty against the dark images racing through her mind.


Scene from TitanicThe well-known image here is of the character Rose in the Oscar-winning film Titanic. The intimate scene in which Rose lies on the chaise in her bedroom while having her portrait drawn is one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history. It once again accentuates the classic beauty of the piece and its presence among the wealthy, beautiful people of its generation.

Finally, the piece below is from a more recent era. It is a display for Barney’s New York and it depicts the pop artist Lady Gaga on an elaborate modern chaise longue in the store window display. The presence of the chair here isn’t just a feature in the work of art but it is the art itself representing the style of our very own generation.

Lady Gaga Barney's New York

These samples are merely a taste of how popular the chaise longue is within the creative community. It isn’t just a piece of furniture but a work of art that should be treated so. Just think, if you had a chaise longue, what would you do with yours?