The World’s Most Expensive Penthouse

Monaco is famous for its Grand Prix, luxury yachts and some of the wealthiest people in the world. So it’s not totally surprising that one of the wealthiest cities in the world brings you the most expensive homes. It is estimated that the sale price of this new penthouse is a whopping £256m, this is probably out of budget for most billionaires. I don’t think winning the four times roll over jackpot of £110m for the Euro millions for this Friday will help much either.

Worlds Most Expensive Penthouse

The décor inside this penthouse looks truly wonderful. It’s a mix of both classic and modern design with a great influence from the “belle époque” design inspired by Paris. The penthouses chief architect, Alexander Giraldi, describes it as a dream job. I can only presume the blank cheque presented to him allowed him to design with his own free will without holding back on anything.

Worlds Most Expensive Penthouse

This is truly an architectural master class. Although very few people in the world will ever be able to own anything like this, we can take inspiration from styles and designs to give our homes a modern touch. One thing that really helps me design is putting together a collage of modern furniture and even mixing it with more classic designs. It’s such a great way to visualise what you are trying to achieve. Give it a go, it’s such a fun way to dream!