Town or Country?


When decorating your home, your location doesn’t necessarily have to dictate what theme you end up choosing. People who live far from the city may still desire the trendy look and feel of an urban apartment, while those who live among the hustle and bustle of town might still be country at heart. Or maybe you want your home to reflect where you live. Either way, here are a few suggestions for the basic planning of your new d├ęcor.

Both ends of the spectrum have their advantages. The country home is comfortable, traditional, and never goes out of style, while the city home is fun, ever-changing and it’s something you’ll want to show off when you’re finished. If you’re really bold, you could try mixing the two styles for something amazingly unique!

Country Manor

If you’re searching for a rustic, country feel to your home, you’ll want to consider the star of your living room: brown leather sofa. More specifically, the timeless Chesterfield sofa is a piece that never goes out of style and, when paired with the right patterns, screams country elegance. As for those right patterns, don’t think that “rustic” has to mean “drab”. It can still be a bright yet calm home as long as you keep it tasteful. You might consider choosing natural colours and shapes to add to your walls, curtains, pillows, etc. Perhaps a forest green or a sunset yellow will bring the country indoors.

Speaking of natural patterns, bring back your grandmother’s floral prints and go vintage if you fancy it, as the theme you’re going for is already a classic. Lastly, don’t forget a nice cosy club chair and ottoman to give the house a sense of relaxation.

Urban Chic

As for the urban apartment, you’ll too want to reflect your surroundings inside but you’ll do this with bright colours and bold patterns that shout urban architecture and modern art. Try for more contemporary furniture pieces such as a modern chaise longue upholstered in your favourite print juxtaposed against a perfectly white wall. If the chaise isn’t your style, the Chesterfield sofa is a versatile piece of furniture and can be dressed up to contemporary standards if need be. Try it in black leather for a nice sleek look, or why not try shunning tradition and creating one in fabric for the ultimate in modern furniture. For the finishing touch, place accents around the room such as bright red or animal print pillows, or treat your windows to striped curtains. Make this space your work of art.