Which fabric style?

Take your time when choosing your fabric or upholstery. We want you to find a fabric that you will continue to enjoy for years to come. Although some factors are obvious, we have put together some points to consider:

Free Fabric SamplesAs you are probably aware, the style of your fabric will influence the overall look of a room, making it feel more modern or classic. Naturally patterend and vintage styled fabrics are better suited to more classically designed pieces of furniture, such as our classic chaise longue. Alternatively, striped fabric helps to accentuate the more modern angles of our modern chaise longue.

There is also the size of the room to think about. Large bold patterns tend to work better in larger rooms, while a more muted pattern may suit a more cosy setting.

You should also think about what kind of mood you would like to create. If you want to create a more casual feel, then something like a colourful floral pattern will work well.

There is a lot to think about when deciding on your fabric. At Chaise Longue Boutique we offer free samples to help you decide, so please get in touch and we will be more than happy to post these to you.