Why Buy British?

British furnitureWould you query where your furniture is crafted when buying bespoke? At Chaise Longue Boutique we believe that location is one of the most importance factors when buying handcrafted furniture. Simple questions will allow you to judge if your potential piece will stand the test of time.

Why is it so important?

The majority of companies offering ‘budget’ or ‘cheap’ furniture at discounted prices are able to do so due to the furniture being imported from outside of the UK (we’ve seen hundreds of cheap and nasty chaise longues flogged on ebay). At first, this might seem like an economical choice, but once you dig a little deeper, it soon becomes a false economy.

Britain has some of the finest craftsmen in the world, tailoring new techniques and developing new skills across Centuries of tradition. Using materials which are tried and tested for quality, not just their cost. Heavier, more high quality hardwoods are often avoided when importing furniture from abroad, due to higher shipping costs.

Here at Chaise Longue Boutique all of our furniture is handcrafted in Britain. Our Craftsmen have tailored traditional techniques and combined with modern to produce beautiful pieces. We produce furniture with the highest quality, creating furniture that not only stands the test of time but does it in style.