Chaise Longues

The classic chaise longue (or lounge, as it is sometimes referred to) provides the utmost comfort without compromising its authentic and vintage appearance. Each chaise can be fully customised into a bespoke piece using our bespoke service. We have a wide range of fabrics, legs and finishing touches available, allowing you to create a truly beautiful chaise to lounge upon.

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The chaise longue is a classic piece of furniture. It has been conceived across many cultures over many eras. There is more to the history of the chaise longue than simply architecture.

The chaise longue is actually a merger of the day bed and the chair. Originally created in Egypt, the day bed has provided a design for architects to use centuries later. Many ancient art works depict gods and elite persons reclining in a chaise longue. The Olmecs, an ancient Mexican culture, also had their own version of the day bed.

The modern day name we use today comes from the French “Chaise longue” which means long-chair (Although in the US it is known as a Chaise Lounge). The chaise longue was a popular piece in the Rococo period of art. Also referred to as “Late Baroque”, the Rococo era was based on asymmetry and contrast in elements that were unbalanced.

Architects of the early 20th century also adored the chaise style, and as they grew in popularity they were used in many settings. The chaise longue helped to promote the long flowing floor designs which were popular at the time. Chaise longues are well known for their difficulty to construct, making them highly desirable, but also high priced.

There are now modern takes on the classic chaise longue design, providing a whole host of new interior style prospects.