Forest Side Table
Forest Side TableForest Side Table

Forest Side Table


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Product Description

The beautiful, rustic yet contemporary feel of the Forest Side Table allows it to sit well in any modern or traditional setting.

‘Forest’ was originally designed as a bespoke commission for Cotswold country spa boutique hotel. The ‘green’ oak rustic base, contrasts with a contemporary stainless steel and glass top to produce a striking piece of furniture. The base is unseasoned in the tradition of green oak timber framed homes. As it dries it develops its own character in the form of splits and cracks. Don’t worry it doesn’t affect the strength of the piece! The glass top is attached to the stainless steel column to form a very strong invisible bond.

Made from 8mm toughened Glass, brushed stainless steel and unseasoned ‘green’ oak. Please note that the rustic oak base may vary slightly from the photograph as each piece of wood is individual and will age uniquely.

Handmade in Britain Handmade in Britain to the highest standards.